2016 4th Marking Period Honors

We congratulate the following students for outstanding academic performance!

Principal’s Honor Roll (All A’s - 94% or higher)

Christian Banks
Emma Banks
Sierra Banks
Aurora Baughman
Chris Bolander
Jared Brice
Alyssa Chatel
Abby Clark
Craig Clark
Emily Clark
Philip Clark
Molly Deckelman
Maggie Kelley
Ally Lloyd
Brian Lloyd
Landon Nordhoff
Andrew Rohrer
Johnathan Stoltzfus
Megan Stoltzfus
Annabelle Woodfield

Honor Roll (A’s/B’s - 85% or higher)

Genevieve Baughman
AJ Besse
Kenly Brice
Sam Brice
Dyllan Chatel
Dean Clark
Jacie Clark
Caleb Eichler
Madison Fletcher
Daniel Frain
Bailey Kelley
Trace Kelley
Molly Meikle
Nicholas Meikle
Rebecca Meikle
Aidan Peet
Kellan Peet
Delaney Quillen
Mitchell Quillen
Meghan Robinson
Noah Robinson
Layton Rush
Daniel Snyder
Allysa Stoltzfus
Dillon Stoltzfus
Emma Stoltzfus
Noah Taylor
Austin Troyer


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