Goodsearch donates money to CCA when you search the Internet and shop online!

Use Goodsearch to search the Internet and they will donate a penny per search to CCA. Use Goodshop when you shop online and they donate a percentage of every purchase and offer over 100,000 coupons to help you save money too! It is easy, free, and turns simple everyday actions into a way to support your school. You can also raise money by taking consumer surveys. Check out the video to see how Goodsearch works.

Please sign up and choose Chestertown Christian Academy as your cause. It is simple to set Goodsearch as your default search engine and to make your homepage and new tabs redirect to Goodsearch. Some large corporation is making money when you search and shop online. Let's send some of that money back to our school!

Every time you shop online you should first go to Goodshop, search for the merchant, check out the coupons, and click on the merchant link in order to earn a percentage rebate for CCA on each purchase. For some merchants, you can also make online purchases for free pickup at your local store in order to maximize the opportunities for rebates.
*Tip - Combine Goodshop rebates with gift cards from to increase the rebates for everyday purchases.


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