"For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve..."

~ Mark 10:45 ESV

Non-profit organizations are highly dependent on the willingness of others to volunteer their time and serve together for a common cause. Likewise, Chestertown Christian Academy needs a multitude of volunteers who desire to make a difference in the lives of our students, to improve the quality of Christian education, and to share the responsibility which rests on our administration and staff to keep our school healthy, growing, and relevant for future students. There are many ways to help out, including event set up and clean up, food preparation, mailings, business phone calls, acquisition of donations, advertising sales, tutoring, etc. We encourage parents, grandparents, friends, alumni and supporters to choose an avenue in which to donate their time and abilities in order to improve our school and keep tuition affordable. Please contact us to determine how your talents and gifts can best serve our students.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Special Events

    Volunteers are needed to help with a variety of tasks for the following important events:

    • Annual Walk-a-thon
    • Grandparent's Day
    • Staff Appreciation week activities
    • Fundraising Auction
    • Open House for Prospective Parents
    • Community Events - Tea Party, County fairs, etc.
    • Educational Field Trips
  • Ongoing Activities

    Volunteers are needed to help on a regular basis for the following activities:

    • Teacher aides (reading stories, helping with bulletin boards and grading, preparing worksheets, etc.)
    • Scrip fundraising
    • Mentoring for STEM projects
    • Before and after care
    • Community service
    • Recess monitors
    • Transportation
    • Tutoring


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